Print Design for L.A. Tenant Union 2020
GIFs for Fernweh Food Co. - 2020
GIF's for L.A. Tenant Union
Design for Street Trust - 2020
Illustrations for Fernweh Food Co. - 2020
Illustration for Sky Islands Odyssey East Loop - 2020
Personal Sticker Sheet - 2019
Personal Screen-print - 2019
GIFs for WTF Bikexplorers - 2019
Illustration & Design for the WTF Bikexplorers -2019
Personal GIFs for Giphy & Instagram -2019
Icon Design Fernweh Food Co. - 2019
Jersey Design Gladys Bikes - 2019
Illustration for FE Design & Consulting - 2019
Bedroom & Forest Scene Illustrations- 2018
Illustration for Adventure Race - 2019
Map Illustration for Asking For Elephants - 2018
Illustration for Golden Pliers - 2018
Logo Design for Golden Pliers - 2018
Illustration for the WTF Bikexplorers Summit
Design for Elephant Garlic Festival Circuit Race
Design for Alpenrose 50th Anniversary
Poster for Alpenrose 6-Day Track Race
Logo Design for PTO Studio
Sketchbook Illustrations
Logo Design for Amy Vetter
Donation Gift Artwork for Gateway Green park
Treatment Design for CIBC- Portfolio Pizza
Poster Design for Greenwood Documentary
Treatment for Walmart: What is Walmart Doing for You?
Illustrations for Rapha
Design work for Drishtiq Yoga
Oregon Stampede Illustrations
Treatment for Rangerstown
Ride Artwork: Trans America Trail
Metro Bakery Logo Design
Social Media Artwork
Logo and Jersey Design for Gears 4 Beers Cycling Club
Mary's Hot Dog Stand T-Shirt Design
Treatment Design for Dell Back to School
Treatment for Target: Baby Digs
Treatment for Church's Chicken
Cyclocross T-Shirt and Poster Design
T-shirt Artwork: Lionhearts, Kids on Bikes 2014
Jersey Design
Treatment for Freewheel
Movie Poster Illustration
Ride Artwork: Ridgetop Ramble
Illustration and Animation
Book Design
Ride Artwork: Hill 'N' Dale Hundred
Ride Artwork: Highlands Passage
Trademark and Brand Development
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Poster Series
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